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[Mohammad학생, ​Langmuir/IF4.3​] Machine Learning Prediction of Morphology in Polymer Particles​ ​[이란 이스파한 과학기술대 공동연구]
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  • 2023-03-07

[Ph.D student, Mohammad, Langmuir/IF4.3​] Machine Learning Prediction of Morphology in Polymer Particles ​[이란 이스파한 과학기술대 공동연구]

Hi all,

I'm happy to inform you that a collaboration paper (Mohammad Moosazadeh​: EMSEL Ph.D student) with Bahareh Esteki​(Ph.D student), ProfMahmood Masoomi (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran's paper has been accepted at Langmuir (SCI, IF=4.3)

연구실 박사과정  Mohammad Moosazadeh​학생이 공동연구를 수행한 이란 Isfahan 과학기술대학 화학공학과과  Polymer Morphology 기계학습 예측 & SHAP 해석 논문이Langmuir저널에 출판되었습니다 (이스파한 과학기술대학​은 모하마드 학생이 학부 졸업한 대학임 ). 


- International collaboration : Machine learning/SHAP interpretation

Data-Driven Prediction of Janus/Core-Shell Morphology in Polymer Particles & SHAP analysis

- with Department of Chemical Engineering, Polymer Group, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan 84156-83111, Iran

* Congratulations for this collaboration publication.

Bahareh Esteki, Mahmood Masoomi*, Mohammad Moosazadeh, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Data-Driven Prediction of Janus/Core-Shell Morphology in Polymer Particles: A Machine learning Approach, Langmuir(ISSN:0743-7463, SCIE),  American Chemical Society(ACS), (), pp.(2023.3) (Ack:)




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