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[Abdul 학생, JCLP/JCR8%] 하이브리드 재생에너지 multicarrier기반 전력/냉방/난방/정수 공급 system 및 Reliable self-scheduling multicarrier system (재생에너지 또는 수소 최적 운전 스케줄링:화석연료 제로)
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  • 2023-08-14

[Abdul Ph.D student/Dr. Pouya Ifaei, JCLP/JCR8%] Reliable operation​ of self-scheduling multicarrier systemmultiple renewable utilities or hydrogen facilities


Hi all,

It is my pleasure to inform you that Abdul(Ph.D student) /Dr. Pouya Ifaei(a research professor)'s article was published in Journal of Cleaner Production (IF>11>, JCR Top % journal).

Congratulations Abdul/Pouya for your paper in a nice journal.


Topic: New Reliable operation​ of self-scheduling multicarrier system(MCS) to supply power, heating, cooling, and freshwater, without external cooling and nonrenewable heating facilities. 

Keywords: Biogas-fueled multicarrier system; Circular integration; Hydrogen facilities; Optimal selfscheduling storage; Renewable utilities allocation; Sustainable energy management


연구실 압둘 박사과정학생과 푸야 박사 논문 Journal of Cleaner Production (SCI, JCR TOP 8%, IF > 11) 게재 승인 되었습니다축하합니다. 특허 출원 예정 (w. 김상윤)

연구주제 : 화석연료 없는 하이브리드 재생에너지 multicarrier기반 전력/냉방/난방/정수 공급용 multicarrier system 운전 최적 스케줄링)

Abdulrahman H. Ba-Alawi+, Pouya Ifaei+, and ChangKyoo Yoo*, Reliable operation of an optimal self-scheduling multicarrier system with two alternatives: multiple renewable utilities or hydrogen facilities, Journal of Cleaner Production (ISSN: 0959-6526, SCI, JCR TOP 7%), Elsevieer, 420(), pp.138463 (2023.09.25) (Ack 3: BK21, NRF중견2021R1A2C2007838 Brain Pool program: 2019H1D3A1A02071051)


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