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[Jorge박사/Shahzeb통합, J. Env. Mangm] Sludge bulking monitoring(AI/Graph network), 폐수처리장 슬러지 벌킹 그래프넷 기반 모니터링
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  • 2023-08-11


Hi all

I’m happy to inform you that Dr. Jorge​ and Shahzeb​'s paper (with Ph.D students : Tra, SungKu Heo​) has been accepted in the Journal of Environmental Managt (SCI, IF=8.7, Top 12% journal –Environment SCIENCE).

Please show your congratulations to Dr. Jorge​ and Shahzeb.

Jorge Loy-Benitez, Shahzeb Tariq, Hai Tra Nguyen, SungKu Heo, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Sludge bulking monitoring in industrial wastewater treatment plants through graphical methods: A Dynamic graph embedding and Bayesian networks approach, Journal of Environmental Management (ISSN:0301-4797, SCI, Top 12% journal – THERMODYNAMICS), Elsevier, 345(11), pp. 118804 (2023.11) (Ack 3: NRF중견2021R1A2C2007838 & 중기청과제(KOBI, S3301144) & 한양대 (KAIA 22UUTI-C157786-03)


Topic : Sludge bulking monitoring(Graph network approach) : Dynamic graph embedding and Bayesian networks approach

 keywords: Dynamic graph embedding; Dynamic Bayesian networks; Graph-based monitoring; Sludge bulking; Wastewater treatment

연구실에서 2월 박사를 받은  Jorge 박사,  Shahzeb Tariq​ 통합과정이 쓴 논문이 Journal of Environmental Management  저널 (SCI, IF=8.9, Top 12% journal – ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE​) 게재승인되었습니다 . 

환경과학 분야 (JCR TOP 12%) 좋은 저널로 공저자로 Tra통합, 허성구 통합과정 학생입니다. 

연구주제 : 폐수처리장 데이타 기반 슬러지 벌킹 그래프넷 기반 모니터링 : 인공지능기법중 Dynamic graph embedding and Bayesian networks 접근 방법