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[Abdul 박사과정,J.Water.Proc.Eng/JCR6%] 하수처리장 COD/TN 이상진단 및 복원 방법 - XAI
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  • 2023-07-30


I am pleased to inform you that  EMSEL Ph.D students, Abdulrahman H. Ba-Alawi and Dr. Mohammed A. Al-masni​ (SeJong Univ)'s paper has been published in the Journal of Water Process Engineering (ISSN: 2214-7144, IF=7, JCR TOP6% journal). 

Please give your big hands to Abdulrahman H. Ba-Alawi

Congratulations for the paper acceptance indeed.

Topic: Sensor faults; Fault diagnosis; Fault reconstruction; WWTP monitoring; Multi-task learningExplainable deep multi-task learning autoencoder network; Attention mechanism


연구실 논문 소식입니다. 

EMSEL 연구실 Abdul박사과정 학생 논문이 Journal of Water Process Engineering (IF=7, JCR TOP 6%: Water Resources)저널에 게재 l되었습니다. (주) 에이치코비와 공동과제 수행 중인 TN/TP  AI 소프트 센서​ 과제로 Explainable deep multi-task learning autoencoder network 기반 센서​ 이상진단 및 복원 (유량/COD/질소)관련 최신 연구 결과입니다.  

Abdulrahman H. Ba-Alawi, Mohammed A. Al-masni*, and ChangKyoo Yoo*, Simultaneous sensor fault diagnosis and reconstruction for intelligent monitoring in wastewater treatment plants: An explainable deep multi-task learning model, Journal of Water Process Engineering (ISSN: 2214-7144, SCIE, JCR TOP 6%: Water Resources), Elsevier,  55(10), pp.104119 (2023.10)(Ack (4): BK21, NRF 2021R1A2C2007838, a Graduate School specialized in Climate Change, 중기청-코비)