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[Roberto학생, Chemosphere, JCR12%] PM2.5 Long-short term graph convolutional network​ 예측 모델-Spatiotemporal analysis
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  • 2023-05-28

Hi all,


I am pleased to inform you that emsel member Roberto, Shahzeb (Ph.D. candidate) and Dr. Jorge's paper has been published for publication in Chemosphere (IF=7.08, JCR 12%). Famous journal in chemicals in the environment​ & Environmental Chemistry.

Please give your big hands to Roberto​ since this is his 1st paper at EMSEL

Congratulation indeed.


 Roberto학생과 Shahze통합과정 그리고 박사 졸업생 Jorge 박사 논문이 Chemosphere(ISSN: 0045-6535​, SCIE, JCR TOP 12%)저널에 게재 승인되었습니다.

Deep learning long-short term  graph convolutional network 알고리즘을 이용한 spatiotemporal 특성을 지니는 미세먼지 측정소 PM2.5 예측 모델 및 인체위해성 평가를 연구실 

연구 내용은 미세먼지 측정소 PM2.5 spatiotemporal analysis, long-short term graph convolutional network​ 기반 미세먼지 multistep 예측모델, 그리고 인체위해성 지수 분류 논문..

Chemosphere저널은 환경화학(Environmental Chemistry​)분야 좋은 저널중 하나로 Chemosphere​ 저널논문 게재 축하합니다.

Roberto Chang-Silva+, Shahzeb Tariq+, Jorge Loy-Benitez+, and ChangKyoo Yoo*, Smart solutions for urban health risk assessment: A PM2.5 monitoring system incorporating spatiotemporal long-short term graph convolutional network, Chemosphere(ISSN: 0045-6535SCIE, IF 8.9/JCR TOP 12%), Elsevier, 335(9), pp.39071 (2023.09) (Ack 2NRF중견2021R1A2C2007838 철기연과제 ​21QPPW-B152306-03)