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[Abdul/Paulina통합, JCR10%] 처리장 센서 진단 및 보정 (Denoising autoencoders기반)
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  • 2021-07-02

Good morning,




I am pleased to inform you that Ph.D students, Abdul/Paulina's paper has been accepted for publication in Journal of Water Process Engineering (ISSN: 2214-7144, SCIE). This is the 1st experience to be accepted in this journal @emsel (IF=5.4, JCR TOP 10%: Water Resources).

Please give your big hands to Abdul and Paulina.


[269] Abdulrahman H. Ba-Alawi+, Paulina Vilela+, Jorge Loy-Benitez, SungKu Heo, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Intelligent sensor validation for sustainable influent quality monitoring in wastewater treatment plants using stacked denoising autoencoders, Journal of Water Process Engineering (ISSN: 2214-7144, SCIE, JCR TOP 10%: Water Resources), 43(10), pp.102206, (2021.10) (Ack (3): NRF: NRF중견2021R1A2C2007838 & Graduate School specialized in Climate Change & BKT(2020003160009)


Deep learning stacked denoising autoencodes 알고리즘을 이용한 하수처리장 센서 진단 보정 알고리즘을 이용한 지속가능 모니터링 기술 개발

연구실 박사과정 Abdul/Paulina 통합과정학생 논문이 Journal of Water Process Engineering (IF=5.4, JCR TOP 10%: Water Resources)저널에 게재되되었습니다.

JCR TOP 10%: Water Resources저널의 경우 본 저널에 연구실 논문으로 축하합니다.



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