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[2021 Spring Semester] Ph.D/ Integrated MSc-Ph.D position] Admission Application,Spring semester(Mar, 2021)
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  • 2020-08-19

[2021 Spring Semester] Ph.D/ Integrated MSc-Ph.D position] Admission Application,Spring semester(Mar, 2021)

[KHU graduate school-International students]


Admission application for Fall semester, 2021

- Open positions: Ph.D students, Combined MSc-Ph.D

- Admisison for Fall semester (Sep, 2020) and necessary documents.

- Application date : will be notified around end of March, 2020  (all documents need to be submitted)

*** Please contact Prof. ChangKyoo Yoo (ckyoo@khu.ac.kr) if you are interested***



International Admissions Schedule for 2020 Fall semester

ProcessDates and DeadlinesLocation
ApplicationMar. 2020 (Mon.) 10:00 ~ 18:10(Fri.) 17:00Apply on the website
Submission of DocumentsOct. 2021(Mon.) 
  • Graduate School office(Each Campus)
    • - Accept application in person or via mail
    • ※ Seoul-Main building Room 312
    • ※ Global-Art Design college Room 107
  • Except Weekends and Holidays
Documents register checkOct. 2021 (Mon) 10:00 ~ (Wed) 17:00
Admission InterviewNov. 2021(Sat.)
  • Notify : graduate school website

    Nov. 2021(Thu.)

  • Prepare passport and id slip
Notification of AdmissionDec. 2021(Fri) 15:00 (scheduled)Graduate School Website
Registration (Tuition Payment)Dec. 2021.(Tue) 10:00 ~ 16.01(Tue) 16:00Designated Domestic Bank in Korea


  • Internet Application
    Internet Application
    • 140,000(KRW)/Tax 7,000(KRW)
  • Presentation
    Submit the documents Application form and required documents
    • Submit the application form and required documents by the due date to the graduate school office of each campus
  • Confirmation
    Confirm registration and arrival of documents
  • Interview

    Admission Interview

  • Notification

    Notification of admission

  • Pay the tuition

    Pay the tuition

    • Use designated domestic bank in Korea
  • Guidelines for International Admissions for 2019 Fall semester

    [2021 Spring Semester] Guideline for international admissions (Korean)모집요강 다운로드
    [2021 SpringSemester] Guideline for international admissions (English)Guideline Download
    [2021 Spring Semester] Attachment: Application Form, Study Plan, etc.서류양식 다운로드

    Greeting from EMSEL, Kyung Hee University, Korea.


    *** Please contact Prof. ChangKyoo Yoo (ckyoo@khu.ac.kr) if you are interested***


    EMSEL lab(Prof. Yoo lab) is looking for International students who are interested in taking Ph.D. students, Combined students of MSc and Ph.D course and some postdocs in the fields of

    Environmental Systems Engineering: Environmental monitoring, control, and optimization with modeling tools, water/wastewater treatment control and optimization, indoor air quality control and management, MBR modeling and control, environmental plant design, environmental informatics, Big data analytics


    Water-Energy-Climate Change Nexus system model: water desalination and power plant design with various renewable energy sources, water/wastewater system design and optimal management with GHG emission and integration with renewable energy sources for climate change


    Energy system design: design for desalination plant, Power plant design, microscale smart grid system of energy management, smart water grid, water/wstewater system design with various renewable energy sources, heat/energy/water/exergy pinch analysis


    Health/Safety/Environment (HSE): process safety management(PSM)/off-site chemicals risk assessment/risk management program(RMP), multimedia fate model, computational toxigology, QSAR for hazardous chemicals (REACH).


    Micropollutants in multimedia environment: model and management: molecular modeling(cowork), modeling and management of micropollutants fate/transport/reaction/removal, multimedia modeling (air, water, soil, groundwater), integrated environment management of multimedia environment pollutants


    Environment/Energy/Ecology Informatics (Big data analysis): Statistical data analysis, Big data analysis-Application, Machine learning, Deep learing algorithm-CNN/RNN/DBN (Semiconductor chip/LCD panel: Image analysis, Cowork), Fault detection and diagnosis, Contamination source data analysis,


      Air quality control and management: AI-based air pollution diagnosis, optimal control and energy optimization for IAQ, Systems development technologies for sustainable indoor air quality management, A comprehensive air quality index and monitoring of individual particulate matter inside PM10/PM2.5 using nano-QSAR.


    Climate change (GHG model) and renewable energy system topics : Statistics and inventory calculation of green house gas(GHC), Development of optimal utility distribution and energy supply system, Development of energy reuse and energy optimization, GHG emission model, GHG reduction technologies and energy system modeling in wwtp


    Molecular Dynamic Simulation (MDS): Theoretical and computational techniques used to model the behavior of molecules, Surface property and thermodynamics of inorganic ,biological and polymeric systems, BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY : protein folding ,enzyme catalyst, protein stability materials design of materials, chemicals and polymers, Molecular recognition of proteins, DNA and membrane complexes - Structural characterization and identification of RO/MBR by MDS, Simulation algorithms and advanced topics for high through technology (prescreening)


    Process systems engineering(PSE): modeling, control, optimization, plant design


      Process integration and optimization: reuse network of heat, energy, water, waste with exergy/emergy optimization, eco-industrial park(EIP)


      GIS applications : ecological model with GIS, Ecoinformatics, biodiversity model with ArcGIS


    Please feel free to contact to Prof. ChangKyoo Yoo (ckyoo@khu.ac.kr , +82-31-201-3824) if you like to know more about.


    ChangKyoo Yoo, Ph. D. (Kyung Hee Fellow)
    -Professor, Dept. of Environmental Science and Engineering, College of Engineering,

    Kyung Hee University-Global Campus, 1732 Deogyeong-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 17104, Republic of Korea
    E-mail: ckyoo@khu.ac.kr or ckyooyck@gmail.com

    Website : emsel.khu.ac.kr
    google scholar: http://scholar.google.com/<wbr>citations?user=wKKFOOYAAAAJ
    Tel: +82-31-201-3824;  FAX: +82-31-202-8854

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