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[Admission application, April 1~15] KHU Graduate School Admission(International Students)
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  • 2024-03-20


[Admission application, April 1~15] KHU Graduate International Students (Enrollment for 2024 Fall Semester)
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  • 2024-02-26 


[International student-Graduate course for Ph.D./Integrated MSc-Ph.D.]

- 2024 Fall Semester Graduate International Admission

-Admission application: April. 1 ~ 15, 2024

-All necessary documents should be prepared before the applications : See attached documents

 Prof. Yoo's Publication list‪ChangKyoo Yoo‬ - ‪Google 학술 검색‬

 Lab website : 

* KHU graduate homepage (Admission info.):

* Necessary documents download site :​

* How to apply : On-line application using Uway :

  Scholarship (only Ph.D. students or Integrated MSc-Ph.D.Students, No supporting for MSc student.

- Tuition waived (or tuition support),

Monthly stipend support

- Domestic/International Conference participation

- Research incentives 

 *** fundings from NRF, BK, climate change, national projects and industrial projects w/samsung (some projects)​ 

 *** [Note]Application fee:100$ and Enrollment fee for graduate school (Entrance Fee) needs to be paid by candidate one time:around 1,000 $

​ Any good candidates from Chem. Eng./Env. Eng./Mech. Eng/Civil Eng./Industrial Eng./Electric Eng./Artificial Intelligence/Any Eng. or Computer science/Computer engineering

■ Research interests: AI+X(Chemical/Environment/Energy/PSE), Autonomous Factory -Reinforcement Learning, Process systems engineering (PSE), Environmental systems engineering (ESE), Energy system engineering(ESE)Hydrogen system engineering(HSE)​, Water-Energy-Carbon-Climate Nexus, Industrial Decarbonization, Health/Safety/Environment(HSE), Carbon/GHG/NOx​ modeling/control/optimization/AI-automation for semiconductor/display manufacturing industries, Digital Twin and Water AI design/AI-automation​ for semiconductor/display wastewater plants, AI data-driven smart soft-sensor for TN/TP, Hydrogen circular economy under demand/supply uncertainties- AI role, Explainable AI for Smart Factory (XAI),

Recent topics

- AI for Water, AI for Energy, AI for Flow Battery

- AI for Direct Air Capture, AI for CCS/CCUS

- LLM application for Environment/Energy/Process

- Inverse Design using Generative AI

- Predictive TEA/LCA​ using generative AI


2. Eligibility 

■ Admission Quota : Each department and program accepts a limited number of students 

※ Departments and programs may also accept no students during a given admission cycle if there are no qualified applicants or other considerations  


1. Degree 1) Master’s Degree (or combined Master’s and Ph.D programs): Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, be in the final year of a BA/BS program, or scheduled to finish a BA/BS program before Aug 31, 2024​) Applicants for Ph.D programs must have a master’s degree, be in the final year of a MA/MS or equivalent program, program (or scheduled to finish program by Aug, 2024). ※ Students who have not graduated at the time of application must submit a certificate of graduation before beginning courses at the graduate school. Failure to do so will result in retraction of the offer of admission. 


2. Nationality 1) Applicants who are not Korean citizens, and the parents of applicants who are not also Korean citizens 

2) Applicant must have had a minimum of 16 years of education outside of Korea ※ Applicants must satisfy one of the two conditions and provide documentation.


Language Proficiency (within the last 2 years, 2022.4​~2024.3) 

➢ Official English test score TOEFL (PBT 550, CBT 210, iBT 80), IELTS (6.0), TEPS(600), NEW TEPS(326) above (within the last 2 years, 2022.4​~2024.3​ – University’s requirement.

​ English test score can be waived for citizen from English official language or a country from English official language, like India, Pakistian, Nigeria, USA, UK, and so on


이전글 [춘계 한국공업화학회, 논문 3편 발표] Chemical AI 연구 결과 발표
다음글 [NEWS:허성구 박사,영국 임페리얼 공대, Research Associate] Dr. Heo: Research Associate, Imperial College of London